Restaurants near Northwest Hospital

Visitors to Northwest Hospital in Randallstown, MD have access to the Old Court Café, which is open every day from 6:45 in the morning until midnight, and serves hot meals for much of that time.  However, if you want something different, there are many restaurants and grocery stores in the nearby area.

Turn right out of the hospital, onto Old Court Road, and the Randallstown International Food Market will be just up ahead on your left, in a little blue and white building.  This is the closest place to the hospital to get something to eat.

If you keep going up Old Court Road past the Food Market, you’ll come to the intersection of Old Court Road and Route 26 (Liberty Road) and there will be a Checkers across the street on the right hand side.  By turning east on Liberty Road (toward Baltimore) you’ll find a shopping center right away on the left side of the road (behind the Checkers) which China Buffet and Food Lion.  On your right you’ll soon pass Popeyes, Oriole Pizza, Murry’s, and Sista’s Place Night Club & Restaurant.  If you want to keep going a little farther, clustered around the intersection of Liberty Road and Rolling Road (still less than a mile from Old Court Road) are McDonald’s, Sonic, Shoppers, and CVS.

Going west on Liberty Road (away from the city) will yield more choices.  Immediately on your right you’ll see a shopping center, which has Wendy’s, KFC, Quiznos Subs, Rite Aid, and Aldi.  There’s also an International House of Pancakes right there if you’re in the mood for breakfast.

On your left, going away from the hospital, you’ll pass Pizza Hut, Chick ‘N Trout, and #1 Liberty Mart (which offers soft-serve ice cream, a deli, and coffee).  Keep going, and you’ll see Pizza Boli’s, Domino’s, Akbar Palace, and Sweet T & T (Caribbean and American cuisine).  Once you’ve passed the Home Depot on your left, there won’t be any restaurants for a while.

If you just want something quick and easy, you can stay on Old Court, passing Route 26, and on your left at the next intersection (Church Lane) is a Pantry 1 Food Mart & Deli.  For a candy bar or a bag of chips, you can dart up there and back without having to worry about the traffic on Liberty Road.

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