Restaraunt Reviews the Olive Garden in Mesa Arizona

Several months back I was visiting Mesa, Arizona with my family, and being we are not very familiar with the Mesa area, we were in search of a good place to eat out and looking for opinions from friends and relatives. After getting lost for about two hours we stumbled upon the Olive Garden and decided that we were to tired and hungry to continue to look for anything else so we decided to give it a try. I was either just extremely hungry or that was the best food I’ve ever eaten! So on my most recent trip to Mesa, Arizona I simply had to go back for more and the second time around proved to me that my assumption of it being the best food I’ve ever eaten was correct. I am planning my third visit there in April for my parents 35th wedding Anniversary and I think it will be a wonderful place to take them for such a special occasion. I think it would be very special to them having a surprise dinner there at such a wonderful place with all the family there. Both my first and second Dinner at the Olive Garden, I was accompanied by 8 of my relatives, all of which commented that it was the best food they have ever eaten while dinning out. After also mentioning it to several of my friends who live in the area I found that the Olive Garden there in Mesa, Arizona has a reputation for being on of the better Olive Gardens in their chain of restaurants. Not only for their excellent food but also the tremendous job the waiters and waitresses do. I was very satisfied with the service and it’s a wonderful atmosphere! I think its an excellent choice of dinning for a business meeting, Anniversary or any other special occasion.

If you like fish, you will love their Salmon! Their salads are so beautiful I’m afraid to eat them and mess them up….what a work of art! But once you get past the beauty and dig in they are astounding! Absolutely delicious to say the least!

If your from Mesa, Arizona or anywhere in the Mesa area or if you will be in Mesa anytime visiting, I recommend finding that Olive Garden and making it a part of your trip to have dinner there. You wont be disappointed!

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