Pet Advice From the Professional Pet Sitter

Like a professional pet sitter I’ve come across probably the most curious things from a few of the pets I’ve looked after from utter pleasure & excitement to unbelievable sadness. The pleasure after i am on the floor together playing and they weren’t quite sure things i was doing on their own level. The sadness and discomfort they demonstrated me to tell me these were in the finish of the journey simply by the appearance within their eye. I’ve traveled lower many streets with many different these pets in 8 many have discovered a great deal from them. I follow each one of these tips as i am pet sitting with my very own pets.

Cleaning water and food dishes each and every meal is essential. For dogs, gathering in the poop, after which, getting rid of from the waste sensibly, kitty litter boxes ought to be scooped daily with respect to the quantity of kitty litter boxes and cats. Cat litter box covers are sprayed lower daily and scoops are washed, too. In most cases kitty litter boxes are cleaned out weekly and new litter is added. Inserts ought to be changed weekly.

Grooming or bathing depends upon the breed and also the animal, obviously. All pets love massages and brushing. Whether getting towards the groomer or bathing yourself, knowing your pets likes, dislikes, temperament, coat texture and breed specifications should permit you to generate a schedule of standard grooming or bathing. I’ve discovered that if one makes this notice a positive one they’ll continue visiting you for his or her bathing needs. Bathing provides you with the chance for any warm and toasty massage that they won’t ever forget for future endeavors. I’ve stored goodies around simply to inform them that they’re doing this well obviously, moderately.

Since, the majority of our pets are walk out make sure to keep your areas free of objects that they’ll swallow, chew or tear apart. This really is their area so be conscious of what take presctiption the usually ‘abnormal’ amounts of your house. Behave like there’s a young child in the home always, and will also be sure that your pets safety. I’m always checking throughout the house for products which are on their own level and may potentially harm them.

Exercise is an essential a part of rapport with this dogs, simply in the block. When exercising your pet leashes and collars should of a good fitting for the pet and guaranteed properly for that dog walk. Collars should be snug and you ought to have the ability to put one finger underneath although not too loose that will cause many uncomfortable situations for that pet sitter, the dog owner and more importantly your pet. Make certain their identification tags are up-to-date and mounted on their collars.

Play having a ball or Frisbee or whatever their most favorite toy is ought to be mandatory to keep them and also you youthful in mind. Having fun with the flyfishing fishing rod together with your kitties keeps their brains occupied and releases some energy. Try getting lower on the ground together for those who have never carried this out before and you’ll be amazed at their responses. They love this type of play. Bow lower together with your rump in mid-air like they are doing when they’re within the play mode and they’ll surely add too much with pleasure (For Dogs – never attempted with cats). TLC time is essential too, since many pets love this attention. Our pets have such couple of needs from us and enrich us beyond all types of measurement.

To conclude, each one of these ideas come from being with various sorts of pets through the years and taking care of them like these were my very own. Just applying some type of scheduling will make sure some good and hopefully additional time with this family members. I will always be a dog lover and is constantly provide all pet related services to my clients as well as their pets.


Acidity Reflux Advice – Natural Health Association

What’s Acidity Reflux

Acidity reflux, Acid reflux or Gastro-esophageal reflux is a very common condition where sufferers might have frequent and lengthy lasting bouts of acid reflux.

This is because a loose or relaxed one of the ways valve that normally stops stomach acidity flowing back or refluxing in to the wind pipe.

A burning or painful sensation can often be felt within the chest, this might rise to the throat and often could cause difficulties breathing and speaking if affecting the larynx.

Disregarding Acidity Reflux

The results of prolonged contact with Acid reflux may cause serious complications for example

* Harm to the enamel from the teeth should you regularly have acidity come completely in to the mouth

* Fluid irritation within the sinuses, lung area and middle ears

* Stomach problems within the wind pipe

* Scarring from the wind pipe

* Reserach has revealed associations between lengthy term untreated acidity reflux and cancer from the wind pipe

It is crucial that you don’t just disregard the problem, you will find easy steps that may ease the problem.

Food & Health

Although no meals are 100% shown to cause Acid reflux, fatty meals and alcohol are much more likely. Consume a varied, nutritious diet and drink plenty of water while not with food.

If you’re transporting a little bit of additional weight it might be putting more pressure around the stomach and valve preventing it from working correctly. Attempt to shift a couple of pounds and you’ll notice big changes. Check out our weight reduction section

Try keeping a food diary and identify or no food cause versions within the condition.

Calm your body

Stress, Anxiety and depression are generally connected with acidity reflux. Try to take down levels of stress, this can lessen the bloodstream pressure and stomach may create a considerably less quantity of acidity.

Relaxation techniques, for example meditation, and breathing exercises, might help reduce levels of stress. Many concentrate on slowing down your heartbeat and soothing your ideas.


Laying lower is frequently problematic for people with acidity reflux and going to sleep isn’t any exception. It may seem useful to rest with pillow beneath your to raise your torso, reducing the quantity of acidity flowing to the wind pipe.

Social Factors

Although acidity reflux is usually not really a danger to the health it may still seriously affect people causing great discomfort when eating or consuming.

This could affect our capability to enjoy traditional interaction and lower the opportunity to socialise. Therefore can impact wider regions of our existence which makes it hard to eat at restaurants and act inside a normal social manner.

For More Information on Health Visit this site.

Teeth Whitening Dentist in Colorado

Teeth are one of your most defining characteristics.  It goes with you every were you go and it does not matter what your wearing your teeth are always there. Some morning you will get out of bed and look into the mirror and see those yellow coffee stained teeth staring back at you, don’t start screaming; it’s not really as bad as you think it is.

Teeth often stain and discolor as we grown older. Other things like habitual drinking of coffee, tea, wine, cola and other sugary and dyed substances can cause discoloration so don’t fret – you are not sick or anything. If you live somewhere in Colorado, find a good teeth whitening Colorado clinic and the dental professionals there can solve your teeth discoloration problem in just a matter of minutes.

Finding the Right Dental office

If you are just new in the Colorado area, the best way for you to find a good teeth whitening Colorado clinic is to go online and launch a search for teeth whitening Colorado. The good thing about launching a search online for teeth whitening Colorado is that you get to save a lot of time and effort in finding what you really want.  Browse around online and you will see what your local dental offices have to offer.

However, always be leery when trying to find teeth whitening clinic in Colorado online. The internet is full of people who are out to scam the gullible so beware. Before you go and visit the clinic that you found online, try to find out more about this clinic. Most sites have an about us link that talks about what they do and the accreditations they have won. Always make sure that you are dealing with a reputable dental clinic. Bear in mind that dental hygiene is a serious thing and you cannot afford to compromise your health in anyway.  If you are insured go to your insurance site and look through the list of providers.  Your insurance may or may not cover teeth whitening but more and more are everyday.

Teeth Whitening without the Dentist

There are a number of in-office teeth whitening processes that are guaranteed to deliver good results. The catch here is that most of these in-office teeth whitening processes are expensive and your dental insurance does not usually cover these things. If you cannot afford to go to a teeth whitening Colorado clinic, you might want to try some other methods of restoring the whiteness and brightness of your teeth.

There are many over the counter products like Crest teeth whitening.  We have talked about these products before on the site.  Also teeth whitening tooth paste can do a great job as well.  The biggest issue with a tooth paste is it takes a long time and yes they brighten up your smile but not the pearly whites you may want. For those who are looking for a freebie you can rub the inner part of an orange peeling into the discolored portion of the teeth. For variation, you may also use the bark of a walnut tree to remove the stain off your teeth as well.  You can also use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening, here is the instruction .I myself would never do this just because sticking bark in my mouth is not a favorite past time of mine.

You have many options out there.  You used to have to go to a professional in order to get that celeb white carpet look, Now a days you can order many things online that work great and at much cheaper then you think.

Lemon Cayenne Pepper Diet

Any dieter out there would know this for a fact. There are plenty of diets out there but only few of them actually work. One of those diets is the lemon cayenne pepper diet. It’s all natural and practically has no side effects, plus, it also works wonders for the body. Now, if you are interested Any dieter out there would know this for a fact. There are plenty of diets out there but only few of them actually work. One of those diets is the lemon cayenne pepper diet. It’s all natural and practically has no side effects, plus, it also works wonders for the body. Now, if you are interested in trying the lemon cayenne pepper diet there are a few little things you have to consider. The most important of them all is to check with your doctor first, before you submit yourself to using the diet, to make sure that your body is in the most suitable condition to be able to handle it. The lemon cayenne pepper diet would surely make you lose weight and as such, it is only recommended for those who are actually overweight. There are strict rules to follow once you start doing it and it is imperative that you not do it for more than two weeks because the body still needs other nutrients in order for it to function properly and effectively. Your organs need these nutrients too in order for them to do their job without hassle. The lemon cayenne pepper diet is preferred by many people not just because of the fact that it works but also because it is one of the most affordable ways to lose weight.

Once you decide to go through with it, you needn’t buy any expensive pill or powder as well as any sort of food supplement to begin with. All you need are all natural ingredients such as real maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon or lime juice and distilled or bottled water. This diet would help your body detoxify and get rid of all the harmful toxins that have accumulated in your system that can also become the reason as to why it’s so difficult for you to lose the weight. The lemon cayenne pepper diet would help in getting rid of these toxins as well as promote better digestion, a faster metabolic rate as well as give you a lighter feeling afterwards. In fact, you would not only feel cleansed and lighter after the diet but you would shed the pounds off as well. However, there are a few things to remember when you are on the lemon cayenne pepper diet. The first of which is to refrain from doing anything strenuous, such as exercising, because of the fact that while you’re on the diet, your body does not get enough calories that would help you get through the stress given by cardio exercise or strength building routines.

If you feel the need to exercise, opt for a simple walking activity but don’t go too far because as we have mentioned above you don’t have enough calories in your system to be able to achieve this. Basically, the lemon cayenne pepper diet is a lot like fasting and as such the most stressful part about the whole diet happens mentally. Many people discourage themselves from doing it because they feel like they cannot last a day without solid food. But if you really are keen on losing the weight and at the same time detoxifying your body of the harmful toxins it has accumulated, then you should definitely give this diet a go.

Indigestion and heat in the chest

Indigestion is a nonspecific term used to describe discomfort in the abdomen that often occurs after meals. Indigestion is not a disease. It is a combination of several symptoms, including discomfort or burning sensation in your upper abdomen, nausea and feeling bloated or full feeling that can be reduced with a burp.

The cause of indigestion is sometimes difficult to determine. In some people, eating certain foods or just drinking alcohol can be a trigger. In others, the discomfort can be a daily occurrence.

Common form of indigestion is a burning sensation in the chest. Every day, as many as 10% of adults experience heartburn commonly called “heat in the chest“. Technically, these symptoms called gastro esophageal reflux, a burning sensation in the chest that occurs when stomach acids back up into the esophagus. Sour taste and food back into mouth felt a burning sensation accompanies below your sternum.

Why is this acid back? Normally, muscle circumference at the bottom of your esophagus, called sfingter, closing the stomach but still allow the food into the stomach when you swallow. If it sfingter unnaturally loose or become weakened, stomach acid flows back (reflux) into the esophagus and cause irritation.

THE various factors could cause the return of acid. Among other things, the size of obesity resulted in pressure on your abdomen. Medicines, certain foods and drinks can also relax the muscle circumference of the throat or irritate the esophagus. Eating too full or sleeping after eating can also encourage a backflow (reflux).


Change the way and the type your foods, is the first step to prevent a sense of “heat” in the chest.

  • Arrange your weight. Lose your weight when overweight.
  • Often a small meal.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that can relax the muscle circumference of the throat or irritate the esophagus (e.g. fatty foods, alcohol, drinks containing carbonate or caffeine, coffee with no caffeine, peppermint, spearmint, garlic, onions, cinnamon, chocolate, citrus fruits and orange juice and products from tomato fruit).
  • Stop eating 2 – 3 hours before you lie down or go to bed.
  • Stop smoking; Leave to use of nicotine.
  • Do not wear tight clothes and belts.
  • Avoid repeatedly bending or doing heavy work for an hour after eating.
  • Antacids medicine can reduce mild burning sensation in the chest by neutralizing stomach acid for a while. However, the use of antacid medications containing magnesium in excess or in a long time can cause diarrhea. Products based calcium or aluminum can cause constipation.

Other medicines such as Pepcid, Tagamet and Zantac can eliminate or prevent the symptoms of heartburn in the chest by reducing stomach acid production. These medications are available freely and strengthened according to a doctor’s prescription.

Medical care

Most of the problems of indigestion and heartburn in the chest that just happens sometimes and is lightweight. However, if you experience discomfort that intensified or every day, do not ignore the symptoms. If not treated, the heat in the chest can lead to chronic scarring at the bottom of the esophagus. This result is hard to swallow. In rare cases, a burning sensation in the chest that can lead to great condition called Barrett’s esophagus, which can increase the risk of cancer.

Symptoms of heat in the chest and indigestion may suggest the existence of a more serious illness. See a doctor if symptoms get worse or stubborn, or if it is hard to swallow.

Restaurants near Northwest Hospital

Visitors to Northwest Hospital in Randallstown, MD have access to the Old Court Café, which is open every day from 6:45 in the morning until midnight, and serves hot meals for much of that time.  However, if you want something different, there are many restaurants and grocery stores in the nearby area.

Turn right out of the hospital, onto Old Court Road, and the Randallstown International Food Market will be just up ahead on your left, in a little blue and white building.  This is the closest place to the hospital to get something to eat.

If you keep going up Old Court Road past the Food Market, you’ll come to the intersection of Old Court Road and Route 26 (Liberty Road) and there will be a Checkers across the street on the right hand side.  By turning east on Liberty Road (toward Baltimore) you’ll find a shopping center right away on the left side of the road (behind the Checkers) which China Buffet and Food Lion.  On your right you’ll soon pass Popeyes, Oriole Pizza, Murry’s, and Sista’s Place Night Club & Restaurant.  If you want to keep going a little farther, clustered around the intersection of Liberty Road and Rolling Road (still less than a mile from Old Court Road) are McDonald’s, Sonic, Shoppers, and CVS.

Going west on Liberty Road (away from the city) will yield more choices.  Immediately on your right you’ll see a shopping center, which has Wendy’s, KFC, Quiznos Subs, Rite Aid, and Aldi.  There’s also an International House of Pancakes right there if you’re in the mood for breakfast.

On your left, going away from the hospital, you’ll pass Pizza Hut, Chick ‘N Trout, and #1 Liberty Mart (which offers soft-serve ice cream, a deli, and coffee).  Keep going, and you’ll see Pizza Boli’s, Domino’s, Akbar Palace, and Sweet T & T (Caribbean and American cuisine).  Once you’ve passed the Home Depot on your left, there won’t be any restaurants for a while.

If you just want something quick and easy, you can stay on Old Court, passing Route 26, and on your left at the next intersection (Church Lane) is a Pantry 1 Food Mart & Deli.  For a candy bar or a bag of chips, you can dart up there and back without having to worry about the traffic on Liberty Road.

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Restaurant Reviews Taro Japanese Restaurant London UK

Although it describes itself as a “restaurant”, Taro is really a typical Japanese canteen-type cafe which serves a variety of Japanese dishes including sushi, sashimi, soba, noodles and other simple dishes.

It is open from lunchtime all the way through until late in the evening and is pleasantly busy all day. However you shouldn’t find it too hard to get a table and reservations are not necessary.

Now, there are several Japanese restaurants in this area so why choose Taro? For me the only reason is value, but this is not to criticize any other aspects of the Taro experience. The service is acceptable – nothing special but friendly and polite which is as much as one can hope for when it’s such a busy place and they work with a minimum of staff, the surroundings are pleasant enough but not especially different or comfortable so the attraction has to lie with the great food at good prices.

Being sushi lovers we both went for a sushi selection – mine came in a wooden dish – fairly deep – which had a good layer of sushi rice on the bottom and then the fish and prawns beautifully arranged on the top. This came in the form of prawns, squid, salmon, tuna, salmon roe and octopus – all of it was fantastic. My partner chose a more conventional selection, which came on the typical wooden board though it contained similar ingredients to mine and was individual sushi items. His too was excellent. Taro really do provide a visual treat and the bright colors of the fish and roe tempt me every time.

Our table was close to the counter so we were able to watch the sushi chefs at work, which was very entertaining – it’s also good to know that your food is freshly made to order.

We had bottles of Asahi (Japanese) with our food, but a full range of drinks is available. Other diners were eating the noodles, which came in huge portions and looked delicious – a quick eavesdrop on our neighbors proved this to be so.

The interior is clean if a little basic, but in keeping for an establishment of this kind. Wooden chairs and tables and not much else – a few pictures on the walls and the obligatory Asahi cats used for advertising. If you get a window seat you can watch the world go by as you eat and, you never know in this part of the capital, you may even spot a celebrity or two.

At about 9.00 each for a good selection of sushi we thought this was very good value – much more so than chain restaurants such as Yo Sushi where individual sushi items cost between 32.50 and 4.50.

While not the best sushi restaurant in London it scores points for value and quality

59 Brewer Street
London (England)
(020) 7734-5826

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Restaurant Reviews Gumbo a go go Indianapolis in

In the chaotic, rat-race world we live in, people don’t have time to sit down and eat anymore. Everything we do is based around how quickly something can get done. It’s not enough that my car goes 120 mph; I want it to go 150. Next day delivery isn’t fast enough; I might as well e-mail it. Even dial-up connections are becoming obsolete; it’s all about high-speed now. So, it makes sense that we have extended this rapidity to our eating habits as well, which is why fast food is so popular.

In the world of fast food, burgers are king. Followed by imitation Mexican and Chinese food (anyone who’s been to Mexico or China will tell you that it only slightly resembles the original in the broadest of terms.) But there is one place to eat on the north side of Indianapolis (at 86th & Ditch Rd.) that is like Pavarotti amidst a roomful of alley cats. And that place is Gumbo A Go-Go!.

Set in the middle of a small shopping strip facing busy W 86th Street, Gumbo A Go-Go! serves Louisiana- and New Orleans-style cuisine. All of the food uses fresh ingredients in Cajun and Creole style. Proprietor Bill Zierke explains that in the South, food is not cooked on a time limit. Taking your time allows the more subtle flavors to emanate. (That’s why the North uses a lot of spices because they try to rush the cooking process, he says.) Many of these dishes take as long as 10-12 hours to fully cook.

Zierke explains that historically speaking, Louisiana is home to five different cultures: French, African, Mexican, Spanish and American. In these cultures, the vast majority of the people lived in poverty, and food was shared among all people, across all cultures. But it was a quantity for a quantity, preferably of a different food. (You could trade a quantity of rice for the same quantity of tomatoes.) Everyone shared and blended their recipes to create the melange of an epicurean regale that so defines the region.

At the heart of Cajun and Creole cuisine is gumbo, a rich soup thickened with homemade brown roux (a mix of butter and flour). Roux is often the base of many Cajun and Creole dishes, including etoufee. Another popular dish of the region is jambalaya, a rice-based dish cooked down with chicken stock and sausages, onions, bell peppers and celery. Many of these dishes often use peppers and spices, together with vegetables, and mixed with some kind of meat (namely chicken, sausage, pork, beef, shrimp or crayfish) which is served over rice. All of the entrees are also served with a slice of spiced bread that is to die for. Most of these dishes are medium-spicy but a few dishes will kick you in the pants. However, there are also additional hot sauces available if it doesn’t kick you in the pants enough. To put out the fire, a large sweet tea should do the trick. (If you still need more, there are free refills.)

So, if you are tired of burgers, but still want something with flavor, then try Gumbo A Go-Go!. For about the same price as regular fast food, you can challenge your palate to something different. Come in, sit down and enjoy the food from a place that doesn’t run on time limits or schedules.

Stop in and eat at:
Gumbo A Go-Go!
1420 W. 86th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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Restaurant Reviews Garlic Shots London UK

The name says it all…if you don’t like garlic then this isn’t the place for you.

Garlic and Shots is essentially a Swedish goths/bikers’ bar with a restaurant on ground floor level and a sleazy, dark bar downstairs. There is nothing served here that isn’t very liberally doused in garlic, and as you walk in to the joint you’ll immediately understand why every table has as its centerpiece – not a single bloom in a little vase, but a coffin-shaped dish of fresh parsley – it’s reputed that chewing a sprig of fresh parsley goes some way to counteracting the effect eating garlic has one the breath. To combat the garlic contained in the dishes here, though, you’d certainly need more than a sprig!

The food itself is pretty varied – there’s something of everything from traditional steaks to stir-fried noodles and vegetables. The seafood broth is to die for, with huge pieces of squid swimming in a garlicky soup, even the side dishes continue the garlic theme – try the mash, it’s soft, creamy, and melts in the mouth. There are only a few vegetarian dishes though side dishes can be added to increase the selection of meat free choices.

If you can bear to carry on for another course there’s garlic ice cream, but the best way to end a meal here is to go for one of the shooters. Their specialty is the “bloodshot”, a shot of tomato juice, garlic vodka, and celery salt. The garlic vodka is also pretty good drunk neat too. There is a list of almost a hundred shooters which means you either resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to leave very drunk or you’ll be planning your next visit before you’ve even paid the bill.

Fortunately not all the drinks contain garlic so there is some respite and a chance to clean the palate at least a little. There is a full bar with soft and alcoholic drinks and prices are reasonable for a restaurant.

There’s an outside eating area, barely more than a yard, but it’s heated so it’s good for cooler days or those days when London is just too warm for comfort.

Garlic and Shots is not to be missed. The interior alone is worth a visit – movie stills of Bela Lugosi on the walls and plastic bats hanging from the ceiling, this is a vampire fan’s paradise. The staff are generally really friendly, but I know some people have felt a little intimidated by white-faced goths covered in piercings and have felt out of place. My advice is go, have fun and just enjoy the experience.

14 Frith Street Soho
London , W1D 4RD
+44 20 7734 9505

The cost – we paid approximately 70 for four people including drinks.

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Restaurant Reviews California Grill Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort

For a sumptuous meal, excellent service, luxurious atmosphere, and a breathtaking view, you can’t do any better than the California Grill Restaurant. Not if it’s the one that sits atop The Contemporary Resort, fifteen stories above the Seven Seas Lagoon at Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

== Making Reservations ==

It all starts with a phone call, which you should make at least two or three months in advance. You can do this yourself, or if you’re a member of AAA, they can set up all the details of your Disney vacation, including dining reservations.

To enjoy all the amenities of being “on top of the world,” check the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks schedule for the night you’d like to dine (and be ready with a second and third choice of dates and times, just in case your ideal pick is already fully booked). Hence, if you book early enough, you will be able to watch the fireworks before, during, or after your dinner, depending on your preference.

== Getting To The Resort ==

So now your dining plans are set, and all you have to do is show up. Assuming you’re already in Orlando and on Walt Disney World property, you can get to the Contemporary Resort via car, bus, monorail, or boat.

The parking lot is near the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) on the opposite side (south) of the Seven Seas Lagoon from the Magic Kingdom. If you have a car, you can park at the TTC and take a monorail or bus to the Contemporary Resort, or you can simply drive yourself.

If you’re coming from nearby Wilderness Lodge Resort, you can take the ferry. If you’re coming from the Magic Kingdom (or any Disney park), just grab a monorail or bus and you’ll be at The Contemporary in minutes. Both are on constantly running loops, allowing a wait time of up to about 20 minutes, depending on crowd size.

All signs are clearly marked, but if you become lost or unsure during your sojourn, just ask. Disney employees (a.k.a. Cast Members) are very genial and will try to help you any way they can.

== Getting To The Restaurant ==

When you arrive at The Contemporary, go to the special check-in desk on Level Two. It’s not the easiest desk to find, so look for signs. The staff there will verify your reservation, then personally escort you into the nearby express elevators and up to the 15th floor. For those with a touch of claustrophobia, don’t worry: You’ll have a staff member with you, and the elevators are very quick.

When you arrive at the restaurant, check in at the desk, where one of the hosts or hostesses will most likely give you a buzzer that will tell you when your table is ready. I had mine less than five minutes before it buzzed.

== The Entertainment ==

You can now move to the outdoor observation deck if you’d like, or stay inside at the lounge or full bar. The restaurant’s sound system is connected to the Magic Kingdom, so you’ll hear the same background music and fireworks narration that the people down in the park are hearing. This makes for a nice listening experience, since the restaurant generally has less ambient noise than the park.

So now your buzzer goes off and the host or hostess leads you to your table. If you’ve scheduled your dinner right, you are seated and have just seen the fireworks, or are getting ready to watch the fireworks. One nice thing is that the wait staff will usually let you watch from inside or outside, although it’s still common courtesy to claim your table when it is ready for you.

If you have not scheduled your dinner around the fireworks, but would still like a show, you can watch the chefs creating their culinary masterpieces. Though they are in the “stage” kitchen, they truly are making the meals – nothing fake here. The restaurant is designed for a little standing room, but if you do decide to watch the talented cooking staff up close, please be aware of the waiters and other patrons in your immediate area.

== The Menu ==

Your efficient, conversational waiter or waitress will skip any menu item that you don’t want to hear about, but still offer recommendations. All dishes are made fresh daily and all food items are in season. Here’s what I ordered (in December 2007) from the menu updated in October 2007:

Appetizer – Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli. This large, round ravioli was served with dried tomatoes, mushrooms, plus pesto & basil for seasoning. Although I’m not a big fan of tomatoes, the rest of the dish was very good. Other appetizers were mostly centered on seasonal vegetables and brick-oven baked flatbreads.

Soups/Salads – I did not order a salad to save room for dessert. The dishes in this section featured items like tomato soup, Florida peaches, and grilled shrimp.

Entree – Oak-fired Beef Filet. The meat was cooked to order, quiet tender, with not one ounce of fat. Red potatoes, green beans, and a bacon garnish were on the side, plus the teriyaki bbq sauce (two of my favorite flavors in one!) was tangy, but not overly powerful. Mouth-watering!

Other featured entrees consisted mostly of seafood and sushi (Dungeness Crab, Yellowfin Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, Alaskan King Salmon, etc.) and a few land-based meats (Free Range Chicken, Buffalo Strip Steak, etc.), with flavorings such as Zinfandel glaze, coconut curry sauce, or tomato-sherry vinaigrette.

Dessert – Valrhona Chocolate and Cherry. This was a delicious chocolate tort cake with hot chocolate syrup inside, served with a flavored house made ice cream and sauce. I opted to substitute the coffee ice cream for vanilla. The combination of thick ice cream, molten syrup, and warm cake was the perfect finish to an excellent meal.

Drinks – I did not order any alcohol with my meal, but the list, while not the longest I’ve seen, had a great variety. You can order wines (Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, Zinfandel, house wine, alternative white or red, etc.), sake, cordials, single malts, brandies, or cognacs. All drinks come by the bottle or glass.

Kids Menu – No Disney-related restaurant menu would be complete without a smattering of simplified foods for children. There was one salad, entree choices of macaroni and cheese, pizza, chicken, steak, or salmon, then dessert choices of chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream, or crisped rice sushi.

Please be aware that all menu items and prices can and will change, presumably based on what’s in season and available. It should be a wonderful outing for anyone who enjoys being pampered. After a long, hot day at a Disney park, you deserve a night of luxury.

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